Gold, Silver Outshine Gems as Nature’s Superior Investment

Written By: The WealthCycles Staff

With the dollar and the entire global currency system in nosedive mode and prospects for runaway inflation or catastrophic deflation imminent, the comfort and assurance of tangible assets—commodities you can hold and touch and use, or eat—are more appealing than ever. We at WealthCycles favor physical gold and silver over all other “hard assets” for reasons we have written about extensively and will review again here. But what about those other hard assets, so portable that one can jingle millions of dollars worth in one’s pocket—namely diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds and other gems? More popular than ever in high-end jewelry, prices on gemstones have continued to appreciate dramatically. Yet, glamorous and alluring as they are, even these sparkling beauties are inferior to gold and silver when it comes to protecting your wealth and reaping solid returns.

Diamonds measured in real terms, gold

Since there is no exchange for gemstones, the only way to invest in gems is to buy mining stocks or buy the physical stones. While mining stocks can be a good choice for very experienced investors with the capacity to absorb significant risk,

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testiomials Just as there are funds that offer paper exposure to gold, there are funds for gems. Neither represent financial security.”

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