End of Cash Compatible with Freedom of Choice?

Written By: The WealthCycles Staff

So is eradicating cash compatible with the freedom of choice? We doubt that the present-day banknotes we all use will disappear anytime soon, but it is possible, as humanity re-learns from history.

Alternative currencies are subject to management and debasement, just as paper notes are. A free society will choose whatever monies it pleases to store and transact in. Rather than letting a Free Competition in Currency Act Give Americans Freedom of Choice, or some derivative, David Wolman of The Wall St. Journal advocates “The End of Cash.”

Here is the acceptable opinion of big media for public consumption from The Wall St. Journal article:

Lately it seems like the only people who carry cash are corrupt officials, drug traffickers and terrorists.

The article starts with the image of money being converted into 0’s and 1’s and the above quote. This is indoctrination, basic propaganda. To Mr. Wolman and The Wall St. Journal, more than one-half of the German population—who still prefer to use cash—are terrorists, drug runners or accept bribes. We should get used

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