Bullion Bank Silver and Gold Leasing

Written By: The WealthCycles Staff

For some time there have been accusations of devious practices to artificially depress prices within the silver and gold markets. We take the stance that the more price suppression, the better, as lower prices enable us and our readers to obtain more ounces of gold and silver in exchange for paper currency incomes.

Today, the more concerning problem is the fact that more gold and silver is used in financial transactions than there is physical gold and silver in existence. The losers are those who invest in paper gold and silver--exchange traded funds, passbook gold accounts, or futures contracts when exchanges force cash settlement--in the belief that they can redeem their paper for physical metals. When the chits are called in, those first in line to claim their gold and silver will be the bullion banks and central banks, not the independent investors with their brokerage accounts.

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