About Michael Maloney


About Michael Maloney

I caught the monetary history bug a few years back. Ever since then, I guess you might say it’s been hard to shut me up…

I grew up in the Los Angeles area. As a kid in school, I had learning difficulties, something like what we now call dyslexia. As a result my grades were terrible, and school was for the most part a discouraging experience.

I dropped out of school after 10th grade. At age 17, my dad set me up with a business, traveling all over the Western U.S., selling mini-bikes, go-karts, hot rod equipment, and other high performance stuff. I was a terrible salesman, but I learned an enormous amount from that experience.

I’ve been an entrepreneur ever since. By age 23 I had my own sales firm, Michael Maloney & Associates, with five employees and two branch offices. I became a designer and manufacturer of high-end stereo equipment, winning several engineering and industry awards. In 1992, my stereo amplification electronics were selected as one of five permanent exhibits at the royal Victoria & Albert Museum in London. Later I launched a successful high-end audio design and manufacturing firm. That’s about the time I had my first up-close-and-personal encounter with economic cycles.

It was 1992, and the economy was in recession. The market for luxury audio equipment was dead. To make matters worse, a real estate bubble had burst, and my home had dropped about 60 percent in value. I hung on and in 1998 launched a trade show for my industry, which became a successful business.

In 2000, I received a huge new responsibility—that of trustee of my family’s estate. I had no real investment experience at that time, so I hired a highly recommended financial planner. Then I stepped back and watched the value of my family’s portfolio drop for the next couple of years… I fired that guy and started trying to educate myself.

Now, you may remember I told you earlier I had a learning disability. But by the early 2000s, some technology had come along that opened up the whole world of information to me. Apple had incorporated a "text to speech" program in every Mac operating system.

I soaked up information like a sponge. As I read along with the computer, my own reading skills improved. For the first time, the world of books was now accessible to me.

Since my goal was to become a good steward of my family’s trust, I studied the financial markets, the U.S. economy and global economics. What I discovered was that the same patterns kept repeating over and over again throughout history, from ancient times to our day. Every time a society's currency became inflated and devalued, the people returned to the safe haven of gold and silver. I realized all it had happened before. And what’s more, I realized our world economy was at a point where it was about to happen again—only at an intensity that would be magnitudes greater.

One lesson I took away from my studies was that to protect and nurture my family’s wealth, I needed to invest in gold and silver. I’m proud to say that path has served my family well.

The other thing I took away from that period of study was that the only thing that allowed me to profit from wise investing in precious metals was the fact that I knew just a little bit more than the average investor.

My understanding of economic cycles and monetary history inspired me to build a very successful gold and silver dealership. But the core of my strategy is not simply to invest in gold and silver. My strategy is to invest in accordance with those natural economic cycles. Bucking the cycles is a quick route to financial disaster; investing with the cycles can bring you great wealth.

Several years ago, at a financial education workshop, I discovered I had a knack for explaining economic concepts. That experience sparked a dream of sharing my knowledge with others. I wanted other ordinary working people, parents, small business owners, teachers, retirees, to have the same benefit I had, from simply knowing a little bit more than the next guy.

I wrote a book, and today tens of thousands of people have read my    Guide to Investing in Gold and Silver.

Now, after many years as an inventor, business owner, entrepreneur, and author, I’ve finally founded my dream company. The overwhelming response from people hungry for solid financial guidance and factual information they could apply in their own lives inspired me to launch this new endeavor, WealthCycles.com.

WealthCycles.com is a financial education resource site offering a comprehensive toolkit of information including analysis of current economic conditions, historical perspective and practical how-to-applications, empowering individuals to survive, thrive and keep their families secure in the face of global economic turmoil.

In short, we’ll provide you with useful, accessible guidance for navigating the rough terrain of today’s global financial system… and we’ll do our best to intrigue, excite and entertain you along the way.

Hang on… history’s wildest adventures, and greatest wealth-building opportunities, lie straight ahead.

—Michael Maloney