Introduction to the Wealth Cycle Principle

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Economics 101 and Investing Basics

What is the Wealth Cycle Principle?

2. The Basics

Understanding economics through history

A simple explanation of wealth cycles.

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maloney coming out the other side

Invest in precious metals at the right time.

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how knowledge informs economics and investing.

Mike discusses monetary history and economic cycles.

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Federal Taxpayer Receipt Provides Look At How Your Money Is Spent or Misspent

For the past four years, the U.S. White House has provided a website tool that generates an itemized receipt showing how the taxes paid by any U.S. taxpayer are spent. The taxpayer simply plugs in his or her income and taxes paid, or an estimated income. The resulting receipt shows how much of that individual’s taxes went to fund national defense; health care, education and training; science, space and technology programs; immigration, law enforcement and administration of justice; and so on. As Kelly Phillips Erb writes for, “The federal taxpayer receipt – while not incredibly detailed – does offer a pretty succinct snapshot of where tax dollars go. It’s an interesting conversation starter, too…”

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