Depressions Are Depressing

Written By: The WealthCycles Staff
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testiomials The problem is that there will always be people in charge who are overly confident and think they can do no wrong. These people have the hubris and blatant arrogance to think that they can control things… that they know more than the information contained in the sum of all transactions… that they know more than the free market.”

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Next Step to Distributed Free Speech Net is Non-Compromised Hardware

Innovative minds have been working for decades to create a decentralized alternative to the Internet. In recent years free software has become available that, once installed, allows individual computers to communicate with a global network of computers independent of commercial Internet Service Providers and broadband and wireless networks. Commonly called a “mesh” network, the software facilitates phone calls and data transmission.

Now the brainy geeks who helped invent the alternative network are anticipating the next logical step: computer hardware that can be verified to be independent of corporate interests and data mining.

WealthCycles has reported extensively on the so-called “mesh” Internet and its evolution in different parts of the world. In a nutshell, installation of the software allows even a cell phone to serve as a node in a secure wireless network.

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Health - US 2013 Uninsured, 2014 Uninsured Are Apples and Oranges

Since 1987, the U.S. Census Bureau has collected information on how many people living in the United States are covered by health insurance and shared that information in a widely cited annual report. In 2014, the first year the U.S. Affordable Care Act will take effect, the Census Bureau has announced a change in the way it counts the number of people who have insurance. This change means that the numbers from 2014 won’t be directly comparable to figures from earlier years, making it harder to tell whether the ACA is progressing toward its goal of health insurance for all. The Census Bureau claims the timing is merely coincidence, but given the federal government’s unrivaled skill at skewing other sorts of statistics (CPI and employment figures, to name a couple), critics of the ACA naturally are crying foul.

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American Hero Richard Feynman Expectations on Data in a Democracy

American hero, Nobel prize winner and physicist Richard Feynman comments on his expectations on data in a democracy.

Quite appropriate, as it must be mentioned that with Nicholas Metropolis, he assisted in establishing the IBM punched cards system used in cataloging enemies in Nazi Germany (Wikipedia).

Feynman has been called the "Great Explainer".6 He gained a reputation for taking great care when giving explanations to his students and for making it a moral duty to make the topic accessible.

Today Feynman teaches physics the world-over, every day (recorded lectures on the Internet), as he sadly passed away Feb 15, 1988.


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What is The Law ?

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Campaign to Debase U.S. Coins Alive and Well in Obama Budget

U.S. President Barack Obama’s recently submitted budget proposal for 2015 revisits against U.S. coinage, its composition and cost. The President has shown an interest in updating and streamlining U.S. currency by cutting costs to production or eliminating altogether the smallest denominations since at least 2010, “in order to efficiently promote commerce in the 21st Century.” Both pennies and nickels cost some twice their face value to produce, despite the fact that the amount of copper and nickel contained within has been dramatically reduced. Canada is now a year into the apparently seamless and successful elimination of its penny coin. But the real significance of debasing or eliminating coins is an implicit acknowledgement that the dollar continues to fall in value, as do all fiat currencies in the world, and that no one has any intention of restoring that lost value.

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U.S. Debt Ceiling Suspended Till Feb 7, Feb 8th Debt Limit Increased, Precedent to Be Rolled?

Despite silence and zero denials from the conventional media outlets, our post Media Gets It Wrong — Debt Ceiling Suspended (Permanently), Not Raised, appears to have got it right and offers a cautionary observation on prospects for the value of the Federal Reserve’s dollar in the months and years ahead.

Despite a big to-do about the impending Congressional battle over raising or refusing to raise the debt levels in one way or another (ceiling began in 1917), the newly enacted law of the land in the U.S. remains unmentioned in mainstream media, with annual theater proceeding just as it has for hundreds of years. 

On October 20, 2013, U.S. law changed to transfer final spending authority from the legislative to the executive branch. The little-noticed yet epic transfer of power was enacted as part of the Continuing Appropriations Act passed on October 17, 2013.

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Some in Federal Government's Top Court Dissent on 1933 Gold

Our brackets, underlines, bolding and heavy redaction of linked opinion by dissenting federal employees, outlining to the States where usurpations lie. For if we are to be a healthy host, not only for free immigration, but for human progress, then vitality must be maintained. More on this in How to Reverse Creaking Empire. In that light, the editing is intended to bring out the circumstances of the present day, while not to misrepresenting the intent of the authors. Please comment, with any corrections.

Chart from, and photos of the Justices from Wikipedia.


"Mr. Justice [Willis] VAN DEVANTER, Mr. Justice [George] SUTHERLAND, Mr. Justice [Patty's-day Pierce] BUTLER, and I [Mr. Justice James McREYNOLDS] conclude that, if given effect, the enactments here challenged will bring about confiscation of property rights and repudiation of national obligations.

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Forex Rate Rigging Proves Trading Is For Insiders

In the summer of 2012, reports surfaced that a group of bank traders had conspired to manipulate the LIBOR (London Interbank Offered Rate), a benchmark rate used to set interest rates and calculate value in millions of financial contracts all over the world. As it turns out, the LIBOR racket was only the tip of the iceberg. The scandal and ensuing investigations have unearthed a whole closetful of benchmark-rigging schemes—a fraction of a point of change to which can take money from the pockets of retired pensioners or raise the interest rates on home loans.

The latest twist on the rate-fixing scam is the collusion of foreign exchange traders to manipulate what is known as the “4 p.m. fix,” according to a Dec. 19 report.

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How Fed Spreads Price Inflation via Taper

How does the Federal Reserve Bank (Fed) taper quantitative easing (QE), to aid the "take away?"

How does the Fed raise rates, and regain control over the short interest rates heading subzero, while better focusing credit on prices planners prefer manipulated... In turn, manipulating expectations, and in turn, human action?

How does the Fed continue QE indefinitely, while varying pace to meet their needs?


We have seen "many" officials at the Fed want to formally allow an unlimited amount of deposits to earn a rate fixed from the Fed (likely starting near 0.16%), in turn the market gains Fed-owned Treasuries or mortgage backed securities, causing two of 4 formerly clogged conduits of credit to soon flow:

1. As Fed's Treasuries rise, they can be sent back into the market to displacing demand in reuse, where multiple cash loans can be made against the same collateral type (increasing propensity to lengthen collateral chains, or create new ones as Fed's supply becomes a known quantity).

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