The Class Warfare Conundrum

Written By: The WealthCycles Staff

In Michael Maloney’s most recent presentation at the Peak Potential Summit in Los Angeles, he discussed his founding vision for his companies, and It’s a trite statement to say that the purpose of any company is to make a profit—to some extent it’s true. But Mike’s founding vision, his purpose, was to preserve a founding cornerstone of the American way of life—freedom and the middle class.

The American middle class isn’t just a middling income or way of life—it's the cultural touchstone and foundation of American culture. As U.S. President Barack Obama said in his speech last night, the U.S. economy has given rise to the largest and strongest middle class the world has ever seen. Why, then, should the middle class feel so threatened?

In so many of the historical financial crises we have studied, a dramatic shift in the socioeconomic landscape happens—the middle class is wiped out as wealth is transferred away from its members to the upper echelons of society—the one-percenters of economic history. During his presentation, Mike showed dramatic images of a young Adolf Hitler giving speeches to frenzied Germans—it was a financial crisis that laid the groundwork for him to take power. The loss of freedom was not something that just came about suddenly—it happened as an impoverished populace slowly gave up freedoms in exchange for promises of better economic conditions—and this, as we have learned, is a slippery

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testiomials Something is very wrong with the country, but is it capitalism at fault, or is it the cronyism, endless spending, banker oligarchy, dollar-debasing-brand of pseudo-capitalism that exists today? ”

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