Events & Speaking Engagements



Protect n Survive
London, UK 11/19
When Money Dies
Phoenix, AZ 10/1
Casey Research
Boca Raton, Florida 4/29
Wealth Masters (Master 2)
Puerto Rico 4/11
Rich Dad
Hawaii 10/21
8th Annual International Banking Forum
Sochi, Russia 9/2
Webinar with David Morgan 7/29
M3 Wealth Masters International
Jamaica 7/12
Gold vs. the Dollar
Scottsdale, AZ 5/1
It's Time to get Smarter with your Money
Dallas, Tx 4/24
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testiomials Mike isn't just a historian. He's an expert. Specifically, he's an expert on gold and silver. Mike's focus on history has a very important reasoning behind it—to make you wealthy.”

- Robert Kiyosaki
Founder of Rich Dad

testiomials Mike was one of the few who was screaming at the top of the Real Estate market ‘Get Out’ and get into silver and gold. He has really been accurate in that call.”

- David Morgan
founder of