Farmers Increase Potassium Help Plants Discriminate over Cesium

The WealthCycles Staff

On September 12, we re-blogged Iori Mochizuki in What's The Fukushuma 311 - Japanese National Now Reporting from Romania, where we find a volcanic passion to do what is right, and we showed what was at the time, a newly smoking volcano on the Pacific Ring of Fire.

Now the same volcano, Russia's Klyuchevskoy, north of Japan, has just sent a pillar of fire 1000M into the sky:

As we wrote then, thanks to a drive to inform the world, tireless translation and parsing of Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) documents disseminated in .pdf format into English (enabling brisk online dissemination as it aids in translation to other languages), we now have a more proper account of the contamination trend, and progress on removing fuel rods from the 3rd floor pool of building 4. That process did begin in November as expected:


TEPCO did detail some of the challenges with the debris in the fuel pool on the 3rd floor of building 3:

We're not predicting anything catastrophic, but we are saying it pays to stay honestly informed over an issue so critical to the future debt of North America, and Japan.


There is something that can be proactively done.


If you are a farmer, or know one, show them the photo below.

Better yet, print it out the linked paper, there is other tables. It's short, and one could skim it quickly.

We can bolster our agricultural lands now, should there be a more pressing need found to increase potassium discrimination over cesium in plant uptake (soil type matters, and more via red link)